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ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Internal Auditor Training

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The ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Internal Auditor Training Course consists of more than 220 screen pages which examine and explain internal audit requirements for ISO 17025.


Students go over the standard clause by clause and read and hear insightful comments, explanations and applications relating to the real world of test and calibration labs.


The course includes eight instructor-reviewed quizzes (90 questions or challenges, overall) to test for comprehension and understanding of the both the 17025:2005 standard and professional internal auditing practices and concepts.  Students written responses to these quizzes are sent via secure email, and responses from the instructor are generally received within two business days via email.


The course also includes a link to the 17025:2005 standard in Adobe Acrobat (searchable .pdf) so that students can follow along with the standard as they progress through the course.


Course Objectives:


·       To learn the methods, processes and concepts of quality system internal auditing.


·       To gain deep familiarity with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.




The online course was developed and is monitored by Gary Burch, training program manager for Crucial Knowledge.  He holds a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Kansas and was previously a Human Factors/Ergonomics analyst for The Boeing Company, where he also managed training projects and programs.   His work includes 13 years as the technical training specialist for Butler County Community College, as well as several years as managing editor of engineering and technical publications serving the hydroelectric industry, motion picture technology, and waste-to-energy realms.

Example of a quiz from this course:


1) Labs using non-standard methods must get agreement with clients and the methods must be fully validated as appropriate and fit for purpose, and documented.  This information from ISO 17025 is found in clause ___________________.

2) True or False?  Overall, for both the management and technical requirements sections, the number one most common deficiency findings are those cited against labs for __________________________________.

3) True or False?  A drawing or even a poster can be considered to be a "document" and so may be subject to 17025's document control clauses.

4) What clause in 17025 makes mention of the various types of things that might be considered to be documents. ______________________

5) Yes or No?  With regard to clause 5.5.9, suppose a 17025-certified calibration lab sends a piece of its own equipment to an outside supplier to have that equipment calibrated.  Is the lab responsible for performing a check per a defined procedure and recording the results of that check in order to assure that both the function and calibration status of the equipment is shown to be satisfactory?

6) Incident: In the process of auditing for adequate document control, you notice that a test method being used in the lab is an earlier version of a test method based on a standard specification. You ask the Quality Manager if he is aware that the outdated version is still available.

“Yeah, we still use the older version because the new version calls for a more complicated test and it would have required us to buy super-expensive equipment and it would have taken a lot longer to do the testing,” he replies. “Besides, the customer agreed and they’re perfectly happy with the accuracy and adequacy of the older test method.”

  1. Is there a nonconformance in the incident?
  2. What clause(s) of 17025:2005 is unmet?
  3. If there is not a nonconformance, explain why.
  4. If there is not a nonconformance, what should the auditor do next?
  5. What objective evidence would the auditor need to ask for?

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Authored by Gary Burch on November 18, 2011

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